International Coffee Traders

Early Hours, For Studying, Group Access

Overall ScoreCoffee Cup 3

Trustworthy – Coffee Cup 3

“Everyone else got latte art but me – they also got cool mugs.”


Appropriate – Coffee Cup 4

“The ordering board is simply a large chalk board hung above the counter. This is not the most effective way of displaying a menu but it does get the drink options out to the customer.”


Smart – Coffee Cup 2

“A lot of similar drinks are popular here… I’m surprised no one accidentally grabs the wrong drink. Why don’t they write names on them?”


Responsive – Coffee Cup 2

“Sometimes the baristas here don’t make waiting in line a pleasant interaction…they’re pulling shots and busily making drinks and customers can feel ignored until there’s a full change of task to take their order.”


Clever – Coffee Cup 3

“After placing your order you can use the iPad to sign and leave a tip (if using a credit/debit card). The iPad automatically offers tips of $.50, $1.00, $2.00 or the option to create your own, very handy so you don’t have to think about percents.”


Ludic – Coffee Cup 3

“It’s kind of an average coffee shop located close to campus… I noticed there was a chess board some people were playing with but I don’t know where they got it from.”


Pleasurable – Coffee Cup 2

“I don’t know if I was pleasantly surprised by anything in here. It’s a cool place with good music close to campus, but not exactly above and beyond.”









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