Rockford on 7th

Early Hours, For Studying, Group Access

Overall ScoreCoffee Cup 3

Trustworthy – Coffee Cup 5

“Open on time with bright-eyed and bushy tailed servers.”


Appropriate  – Coffee Cup 4

“Great coffee shop for studying… except the gaps in the table surfaces. I lost my pencil and pen a lot.”


Smart – Coffee Cup 3

“iPad ordering might just be standard for shops now. Rockford does call out drinks loudly, which is super helpful.”


Responsive – Coffee Cup 3

“If they’re busy and there’s only one barista, sometimes it can be a little bit until you get help. Whether you’re acknowledged while waiting is pretty variable.”


Clever – Coffee Cup 5

“This coffee shopped is blessed with a panini menu. Whether you’re looking for lunch or you started studying early enough to need some midday sustenance, most coffee shops don’t provide something quite so delicious.”


Ludic – Coffee Cup 2

“Maybe people think I don’t like latte art. Nothing fancy again for me today.”


Pleasurable – Coffee Cup 5

“A little known secret of Rockford Coffee is that they often have donuts from New Day bakery in Belgrade in the early morning – fresh. You might want to test them out and see if they compare to the other local favorite, Granny’s. Artisan coffee makes a nice complement for an early morning indulgence.”






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