Cold Smoke Coffee House

For Studying, Group Access, Late Hours

Overall Score – Coffee Cup 4

Trustworthy – Coffee Cup 3

“The wifi here was awesome-the best part was that no password was needed. The menu was a little hard to read off of a TV.”


Appropriate – Coffee Cup 4

“I came here with some friends, and we all got latte art. We felt completely relaxed staying for hours studying.”


SmartCoffee Cup 3

“While they had automatic tip calculations, I felt the amounts were pretty high at 15% and up.”


Responsive – Coffee Cup 5

“The customer service here was great. We got served right when we came in and our names were announced when our drinks were ready. Quick service as well.”


Clever – Coffee Cup 2

“Nothing really stood out to me here. Solid experience-just no pop.”


Ludic – Coffee Cup 2

“It’s a pretty fast atmosphere. I don’t know if I would hang out here if I didn’t have work to do.”


PleasurableCoffee Cup 4

“I felt that I got exactly what I wanted out of this experience-good coffee, wifi, and the ability to study.”



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