Zocalo Coffee House

Early Hours, For Dates, Group Access

Overall Score – Coffee Cup 4

Trustworthy – Coffee Cup 4

“The drink I ordered was wonderful! I got exactly what I was expecting, I loved it.”


Appropriate – Coffee Cup 5

“A great big, easy to read menu lies above the counter. They also have an Open Mic Night on Thursdays, it’s very entertaining!”


Smart – Coffee Cup 3

“This space is fairly small; which makes ordering and the entire shop flow nice and easy to follow.”


Responsive – Coffee Cup 5

“The staff was incredibly friendly and offered up some great suggestions. They always seem ready to answer any questions I may have.”


Clever – Coffee Cup 4

“All of the photographs and different pieces of art really make the small space come to life! Helps to set this coffee shop apart from the others in Bozeman.”

Ludic – Coffee Cup 4

“The community bookshelf makes me want to come back all the time!”

Pleasurable – Coffee Cup 4

“My latte came in a nice mug (instead of a paper cup) with some great latte art incorporated into the foam. It looked so great I hardly wanted to drink it!”

zocalo coffee


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