We may not all be coffee connoisseurs, but we are all Industrial Engineers- and we have brought you the ultimate Interface Design review site for coffee shops.

No longer must you be confused about what to order in the coffee line, or where to go when you need to meet a class group on a Sunday afternoon and every place is chock full of procrastinating college students.

Choose your review experience from the menu bar at the top of the site, meet the authors below. Click here to read about our rating criteria.

Hanna, Liz, and Caleb

Liz’s Bio: I love coffee. I started off trying out the sweet and flavored gateway coffee from Starbucks as an afternoon pick-me-up, eventually graduating to become a regular old coffee snob who uses a french press and tries (whenever possible) to get local roasted and brewed coffee. I am not am not yet die-hard enough to take it straight black unless I’m very desperate. Coffee and coffee shops are an experience that I usually can’t go a day without. The coffee shop is both the perfect social and solo exercise, and as someone who can’t get homework done at home, a lifesaver for the to-do lists in my life.



Hanna’s Bio: I am not a super adventurous person when it comes to coffee. I know what I like and I tend to stick to those few drinks. I am also someone who has a hard time doing anything productive in the morning if I haven’t had at least one cup of joe. I love coffee shops for a variety of reasons; they always smell like freshly ground coffee, they provide a different environment for homework or reading and they’re the perfect place to meet a friend, old or new.

Bio Pic


Caleb’s Bio: I prefer to drink coffee, but I’ve been known to embrace the dark side from time to time: Tea. For me the thing that matters the most is getting plenty of caffeine.  I prefer to drink my coffee as plain and as often as possible. Coffee has a hold on my life that nothing else can replace.


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