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Sola Cafe

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Overall Score – Coffee Cup 4

Trustworthy – Coffee Cup 4

“The whole place is filled with good vibes and food that is probably good for you, I feel comfortable ordering almost anything on the menu. It’s a shame the wifi was on the fritz for most of our homework time.”


Appropriate – Coffee Cup 2

“The menus were so tiny it was hard to order our food… so much going on!”


Smart – Coffee Cup 3

“My barista reminded me to use my punch card – I always forget to bring it out and I buy so much coffee here.”


ResponsiveCoffee Cup 4

“I liked that when the line got long, another server opened up another kiosk almost immediately.”



Sola market

Clever – Coffee Cup 5

“Combining a market for healthy foods with a coffee shop and cafe is ingenious… they sell all sorts of products for the right crowd. There was homemade grenadine available for sale right next to where you order your drinks and I almost bought some.”


LudicCoffee Cup 4

“The small ‘kid zone’ underneath the stairs was so awesome.”


PleasurableCoffee Cup 5

“I love all the cool stuff they have in here besides just coffee and food… I’m totally going to come here to shop for my mom’s birthday present.”


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